Who We Are

A common business myth was that if you’re good at what you do, your work will speak for itself. Busted! When it comes to Business, MAKE SOME NOISE! Snow Forest is a nimble, customer-focused, results-driven partner to get you a step, jump or leap beyond. In the digital era, we design with purpose and focus on innovative solutions & actionable results.
Song Chen
Co-Founder & Art Director
Sae contineri qui quibusnam voluntate ibi unaquaque evidentes praestari. Vestiri dubitem du expirat intueor ii. Istarum impulsu moralis videmus gi ne. De movendi emanant nostrae
Shirley Li
Creative Director
Anyone who knows me can easily describe me as a trustworthy & adventurous person and always laugh out loud with a low haha point. Growing up with 6+ years of experience and love for paintings, I’ve always been the prop person in cosplay club, the stage designer for performances and secretly have a place in my heart for dollhouses. As a Scorpio, I left my emotional side for creativity and empathy while stay extremely rational and organizational when solving problems and facilitating processes. Unexpectedly yet naturally, all the things I’m good at and passionate about come together to where I’m at right now.